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Christmas Quilts, How I store them

Hello Everyone!! I’m so excited to be blogging again today. Twice in one week guys… I deserve a nap!! But I’ve had so many questions about my Christmas quilts and Christmas sewing these last few weeks, and I wanted to blog about it while it was fresh on my brain! As of this Christmas I’ve made 4 Christmas quilts And I love each and every one of them. For some reason sewing with Christmas fabric, and making quilts in the winter just feels right. So when it gets cold, that’s all I want to do! Last Christmas I did an ornament swap with friends and we all made these Quilts together! It’s a great way to have a holiday quilt with some meaning from people you love. Fabric is Holly’s Tree Farm by Sweetwater

Quilt 2 is an Expanding stars Quilt by Emily Dennis. Fabric is misc Garland by Cotton and Steel,, and my favorite vintage santa print from Joanns. This quilt is massive and was my first experience backing in minky. It’s soooo Snuggly!! I wish I had a good picture of it done but it was being loved the second it came off my machine.





Quilt 3 Was is my Norway quilt. Pattern by Thimbleblossoms and the fabric is Juniper Berry by Basic Grey. I loved this quilt so much. I tried a new method of quilting and it wasn’t my favorite but the mammoth flannel on the back and the crossweave in the front made this quilt still very heavy and cozy.This quilt is going to be a gift, so I cant wait to try another quilt with this fabric for my own home.



The last Christmas quilt in my house is my Holiday patchwork forest. This patter is a free tutorial on Amy Smart’s blog Diary of a quilter. It’s so quick, easy, and you have lots of room to play around and make your quilt unique. I bought this quilt kit from Stitch supply co, and have never loved a kit more! I added a few more prints in just for the sake of size. It’s absolutely crazy and my family loves it.

My hope and dream is to have Christmas quilts on all the beds every December. Then one day when my babies leave the nest they can take their Christmas quilt with them and have a piece of home wherever they go. That and a subtle reminder to come home and love on their mother.



Second to only, “Why would one need so many Christmas quilts?” is the question ,”How do you store them?” Easy Peasy. I love my vacuum seal bags! I buy them from Walmart or Amazon prime. If you get the right size, depending on your needs, you can stuff 4 quilts in one bag.  Then I throw in a dryer sheet to keep them fresh, suck all the air out and WAAALAA! A sealed bag that wont take up near as much space as each individual quilt would. It’s then thrown in a box with all the other Christmas decor and stored for another year.

Happy Monday everyone! Treat yourself to a Dr. Pepper and a nap. Maybe not in that order though.





2 thoughts on “Christmas Quilts, How I store them

  1. Oh Haley. I love this blog post. I love your quilts. I love that you blogged twice in one week! I love it all! But my very, very favorite thing is thinking of your precious kiddos having their own Christmas Quilt to take with them when they are grown. Beyond precious. Brought tears to my eyes.

    Now… go take that nap! 🙂


    Dori @redfeedsack

    Liked by 1 person

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