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I am so excited to be blogging today as a part of the Here Comes the Fun Blog Hop with  Caroline Hulse, and  Art Gallery Fabrics. This is my second blog hop with Art Gallery and their fabrics kill me every time. They are so soft and easy to work with!! This new line is bright, happy, and full of life!! Caroline has an amazing eye for color and unique prints!! Plus her black and whites are stunning as well. We all know how much I love to sew with black! wp-1485196931130.jpg

When I initially got this bundle all I wanted to do was stare at it. That’s normal right? It took me days and days to decide what I wanted to do with it and cut it up. Initially, I over thought it and over-designed the heck out of it. I wasn’t letting the fabric speak for itself and tried to be smarter than I needed to be! I had a major “Make it work!!” moment! Tim Gunn anyone? I scratched what I had and decided to do something a little bit (cough cough a LOT) simpler, and let these prints do their thing! wp-1485196930496.jpgI instantly fell in love with the plus quilt idea! I’ve made only one other quilt with this pattern and it’s on my bed I  love it so much. Why not make another!! It lets these bold colors breathe and these prints strut their stuff without being cut up too much. And one day I absolutely will make a half square triangle in those bright solids like show in this  coral and green print! Wouldn’t that be amazing? The same print with orange and cobalt blue also makes me swoon!! I added some pops of solid black because I couldn’t help myself. wp-1485196930524.jpg

I quilted it up with some “straight line” quilting and some lime green minky backing. This fabric needed a back as cheery and snuggly as the front. Spoiler Alert!! This bad boy is snuuuuugggglllyyy!! And will tempt you to sit in the same place for way too many Netflix episodes. wp-1485196929800.jpgwp-1485196928274.jpgwp-1485196930079.jpgwp-1485196929151.jpgBless my sweet hubs heart for attempting to hold this quilt still in the wind this weekend. Quilt pics are hard guys!! We really tried…This picture does no justice to how much life this quilt has!!wp-1485196928913.jpgwp-1485196928268.jpg


The moral of this story is that I hope everyone has a chance to work with this fabric and let it work its magic.

Good news!! Caroline is hosting a giveaway over on her blog where you can win a bundle of this line, as well as a bundle of new scissors from Fiskars!! That’s amazing! You are going to want to enter that giveaway. You can’t win if you don’t try right? Enter HERE!!

I’m grateful for the chance to sew with this gorgeous fabric and share what I made with you. Thank you Caroline!!!

I hope your day is bright and you get to create today! Even if it’s just a delux sandwich. Make something!!!

















8 thoughts on “Here Comes the Fun Blog Hop

    1. Yes! You will love it!! I have an older post of a plus quilt that has blocks even bigger than this one, and all the dimensions are listed if you like that size! It’s called giant plus quilt. This one the squares were 5.5 inches and the long rectangles are 5.5 tall and 15.5 inches long! The end rectangles that are only 2/3ds the length are 5.5 tall by 10.5 length. Did that make any sense? I’m happy to help if you have any more questions!!


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