Completed Quilts

Colorway Quilt

Hello Friends!!!

It’s been a good 2.5 months since I’ve blogged last. Not because I haven’t been sewing, I definitely have! But because maybe I just didn’t want to talk about it anymore? Hahaha This last year of my life has easily been on of the most difficult. Because of that I found so much comfort in working with my hands, diving into new projects, and keeping busy. And at the end of the day end up with a product that is so snuggly and makes everyone happy! Quilters often say that quilting is cheaper than therapy right? But after this last year I’m sure my husband would have rather just found me a good therapist!! My last post was my Blog tour, and the release of a pattern that I was extremely proud of, but that took soooooo much time out of my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! It was my first blog tour, second pattern, and I can honestly say I gave it my all. Long story short I needed a break. And as much as I love quilting, it’s only 5% of  what makes me happy. So I needed a few months to sew while also taking some time for all the other things that bring me joy.

Wow that was a long intro for a quilt ya? Well as I mentioned, I have been sewing through struggles. And while doing that, the struggles of those I love have been also at the forefront of my mind. I have had one person in particular on my heart for this last year but haven’t known how to show her I love her. In walks the Colorway Quilt along hosted by the patter designer Camille Roskelly, and her BFF Samantha Olsen. (Sidenote, I went to a retreat in October with Samantha. I love her so much. I think it would be impossible to meet her and not love her though. Anyways, I will blog about retreat! It’s on my to do list. )

Ok so this pattern was not one I would have originally been drawn too, but I couldn’t resist a good quilt along. Because I needed one more thing to do right? The final product was one that I will love foooorrreeeeevvvvver. img_20161101_132532

I decided to use my stash of Sherri and Chelsi of A quilting life. I used their three lines, Bright Sun, Desert Bloom, and Valley, all of which are earthy, dreamy and have super rich tones in them. I cant wait to sew with them again.

These blocks were a rough start for me. I finally got into the swing of things halfway through and powered through till the end. My precision has probably had brighter moments but this quilt was a perfect example of completion over perfection.





When this one was done I think I did 5 happy dances. 3 because I loved it so much and 2 because it was done!

img_00121I took it into my local quilt shop and rented time to quilt it. I stuck with a stipple because I’m a one trick pony, and I’m never disappointed with it in the end! I backed it in a simple grey check. 20161129_165851And it’s bound in navy because again, I have the hardest time straying from what I love!!

This quilt was so good for my heart. The whole time making it, I was dwelling on making someone else’s day brighter through their struggles instead of letting my own darken my day. I wish I got to deliver it in person. But I would have cried so it’s probably better for everyone that I wasn’t there. I love this side of creating. There’s a whole new sense of fulfillment when it’s for someone else’s home and heart. I love knowing I get to be a part of their life in a small way reminding them that I love them. Let’s be honest. If I’ve given you a quilt and you still don’t’ know how much I love you? That’s totally your problem. I’ve made it pretty clear right?!! Lol.

New year this weekend people!!! Looking forward, never back. Here’s to a new year. I’ve already started cooking up some major new projects and I cant wait to let you in on them. And lets hope for some consistent blogging. And unconditional love either way. Am I asking too much?


Happy sewing!




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