Hey there!  I’m pretty darn flattered you stopped by my little nook on the internet. I hope I have something that can make your day a little brighter!

Who am I?

My name is Haley Anderson. I’m married to a hunk-a-burnin-love that puts up with my fabric addiction, as well as my car dancing. I have 2 baby girls that make my heart feel like its going to explode daily. I was born and raised in Pleasant Grove, Utah and a part of me will always be in those mountains! I attended Utah State University, and received a Bachelors degree in Social Work with minors in Sociology, Public Relations, and Marriage and Family relations. I worked as a juvenile probation officer before having babies and now have an irrational fear of teenagers! Our little family has been in Texas for almost 3 years!

How I started Quilting

My senior year in high school I somehow ended up 1 credit shy of graduation. They had one opening in sewing so they stuck me there! My teacher started teaching me how to piece quilts and I completed 8 full quilt tops my senior year. Even better, they had a long arm at the school as well! So I had the opportunity to quilt everyone of those quilts myself. I learned how to meander like a boss. And can write just about anything with my mad long arm cursive skills. I continued to sew all through college and have yet to slow down! Cant stop, wont stop!

Why I Quilt

Quilting was one of the very first things in my life that I picked up and instantly fell in love with. Also, I didn’t suck at it. I love love love to sing. But when I realized that I couldn’t grow up to be Celine Dion I decided I should find other creative outlets that I can actually do when I grow up. Creating is so good for my mom brain. It helps me put my head and my hands to use and I love that. Then end up with something beautiful. Plus who doesn’t love quilts! It never hurts to do something that makes others almost as happy as it makes me.

Why on earth am I blogging?

I have absolutely no idea. Just Kidding!! Well…kind of… I know that I have learned so much from others that were brave enough to put their knowledge on the internet. If I expect to continue to grow and learn I want to be able to do the same thing for other people! If all else fails, maybe I’ll have some pictures of pretty quilts to show you. But if you happen to learn something as well, added bonus!! Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂