Completed Quilts

Clambake Quilt

There has always been something charming about scallops in my eyes. They are so sweet. I knew I wanted to make one of these when the Thimbleblossoms pattern was first released. It required 2 layer cakes and showd off fabric beautifully. Cutting was quick, but piecing on this one required a large space where you can lay out your quilt and have it go undisturbed for a while. As a mama with little kids, it took lots of planning and distracting to get this one made. Organization is key!

I use Bonnie and Camille basics fabric for this one. Paired with an aqua gingham and orange stripes for binding this quilt is as bright as can be.

I love rainbow color palets. Why pick just a few color palets when you can have them all??

Quilting is called Chicken wire. Quilted by @katiegarrettquilts

This pattern is very beginner friendly. This quilt is currently living with my granny and I seriously miss this one!! Also just for good measure here’s my sweet baby taking it for a test snuggle.


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