Completed Quilts Block party!!

Hey Hey Hey!!!
I have something fun to share with you all today!!  I had the wonderful opportunity to work with and design a block for the first ever Block Party!! I have been laying low on the design front the last few months and was excited to take on this new challenge. The theme of this party was Summer!! What’s the first thing that I think about when I think about Summer time? SOOOO MUCH SUNSHINE!!!! Give me allll the Vitamin D! I knew I wanted to design a block that reminded me of the Sun. So here is what I came up with! Introducing…. my Sunshine Days block!!


It’s super bright, happy, and makes me want a snow cone. Mission accomplished!! When choosing fabric for this block I was crazy overwhelmed. Have you guys seen the selection on It’s so good! I searched by color and used 3 that instantly caught my eye!

This Lemonade Gingham is such a great shade of yellow!

Solid Pink

Mermaid Scales

Can anyone really go wrong with aqua, pink, and yellow? It might be my favorite color combo ever.

 I decided I needed this light on my mini wall. How darling did this mini quilt end up?

I mocked up a digital quilt so you could see what this happy block looks like on repeat! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Stop by and make sure you have all the things you need to keep sewing and creating all summer long! 

Love you all!



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