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Rollie Pollie Organizer, Giveaway

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

The last few weeks I have been feeling like a little bit of a one trick pony. Yes, I can quilt. But can I sew anything else? Who even knows! So I am on a mission to find out! A while ago on Instagram I saw a rollie pollie organizer by Cozy nest Designs, and I loved it. The look, and the functionality. BUT I’m terrified of zippers. So of course I took weeks to over think it and convince myself I could never handle something like that. Until something snapped in my brain and I decided to go for it. There was soooo much unpicking, cursing, and a few times I was convinced I was reading French. But somehow I pulled it off. And I love it so much. I’m going to be starting something new on the blog where I try new patterns people have recommended and if I love them, I’m going to give some away! If I can do it, I want to help someone else to have the courage to do the same! Here are some pics of my organizer. wp-1475095172028.png


No selvage left behind!!! Especially when they at this beautiful!


3 Things I LOVE about it!

  1. The removable bags! Velcro makes these bags a dream to travel with! one for my hubs, one for me, and one for my girls. Everyone can have their own bathroom items separate but all together in one place. Or I can have  the whole thing to myself and each step of my morning routine in its own area. No more hairspray on my toothbrush!
  2. The D ring hanger is super convenient. It can hang anywhere in the bathroom so I can have access to my things at all time, without it all laying out on the counter top!
  3. It folds up so compact and adorable!! No more Ziploc bags all over my suitcase and stuffed inside shoes! I can not wait to travel with this bad boy.
  4. screenshot_2016-09-28-15-40-18.pngwp-1475095172211.pngwp-1475094615558.jpg

This pattern is easy to read and follow. Sarah put so much thought into each step and has internet tutorials for some of the tough ones. Truly, If I can conquer this pattern, anyone can do it!!  Wouldn’t these make the cutest gifts?

And should we take a moment and just be grateful for how beautiful this Le Fleurs fabric by Rifle paper co. for cotton and steel is? Its drooooolworthy.  And this canvas makes me want to make alllll the bags I can manage with it.


Want to win a free copy of this pattern? Just leave a comment telling me what pattern I should try next!! I conquered 4 zippers with this one and basically feel invincible. I will pick a winner on Friday and Email them their own Rollie Pollie Organizer pattern. Because I love you. And the writer Sarah is a dream.

Happy Sewing!! Try something new today!




7 thoughts on “Rollie Pollie Organizer, Giveaway

  1. Haley,

    WOW you did a good job on this. I too have eyed this Rollie Pollie Organizer and wanted to make one. I actually enjoy putting zippers in…. is that weird or what? I think it is time for me to make this – I love it. Your fabric choice for this is spot on gorgeous. I have yet to purchase any of the Les Fluers, but I think its time. As a matter of fact, I want to make a Rollie Pollie that is exactly like yours! (Surprised?! 🙂 )

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    – Dori @redfeedsack –

    P.S. Any specific plans on what you are going to use yours for?


    1. Rebecca i love those bags! They intimidate me so much. One day soon I will try!! But good news! You are the winner of the free pattern! Is there a specific email you would like it sent too?!


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