Completed Quilts

Moda bake shop, Granny’s Insanity Quilt

I am beyond excited to be sharing my first quilt pattern with you guys. I had the opportunity to write this pattern with Moda bake shop and I love it so much! Arent we all always on the hunt for a good Jelly Roll Quilt?

I have been a long time lover of insanity quilts, but have never wanted to do the paper piecing necessary to get the diamond effect that it creates. So I had the idea of combining a traditional granny block with some jelly roll strips to create that same diamond look without the hand stitching! My quilt is called Granny’s Insanity quilt. It comes together quickly and is perfect for featuring your favorite prints or solids.  I hope you enjoy making it, and would love to see it! Tag me or use the hashtag #grannysinsanityquilt to share your project with me!! Head over to Moda Bake shop for the FREE PATTERN!!! Happy Sewing!




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