Completed Quilts

the simple life quilt

Happy Saturday everyone!

This week has been absolutely C R A Z Y.  Between my husbands work schedule, and my crazy mama life, I was so surprised when Friday came and we were all still alive and loved each other. My mind has been running 100 miles an hour and in every direction possible. One of those ways, has been my Blog! I have so many quilts that need to make their way onto this page. One day I will get to them. And if I’m lucky, I might even think about something else to say besides….” Look what I made!” It seemed fitting that I blog the quilt that’s received the most love this last week, which is my Simple Life quilt by  Thimbleblossoms. I just cant seem to quit her patterns. Plus it’s fat eighth friendly which is perfect because I honestly never know what to do with that size of precut!



I made this quilt out of Basic Grey’s Fresh Cut line. It’s so unique, and its florals are the kind that you dream about… or maybe I’m the only one who dreams about floral fabrics? It combines charcoals, lime greens, creamsicle oranges, and hot pinks like they were made for each other. It also has a sweet rain drop print in it that I loved because it was one of my favorite prints in their Mon Ami line.


Aren’t they dreamy?

This quilt is made of 2 simple blocks. The square blocks come together super fast and chain piece nicely. The star blocks take a little bit more time, and despite my best efforts at trimming each and every tiny square, were a little bit more challenging. I love the size when it’s completed, and it fits me, plus 2 baby girls with ease. It also makes the best “fancy carpet” for tea parties. Take my word for it.

I used the sweetest light pink scallop, and the dark grey little floral for binding. We love this quilt so much in our house. And I constantly remind myself of what its named, and what it’s purpose is. To be loved, and used.  This last week, quilting stressed me out! All I wanted every day while my girls napped, was to take a nap myself. But I felt this nagging pressure to stay up and sew, so that my projects would continue moving forward. Sewing is supposed to relieve stress, not cause it! I think this coming week I might take a break. Maybe that will give me some brain space to come up with things to blog about. What do you guys look for in a quilt blog? What inspires you to create?




I love this last picture. My little quilt helper was instructing my big quilt holder how to do it properly and it melted my heart.

Happy Sewing!! Or napping. Or snacking. Whatever makes your heart happy this weekend.


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