Completed Quilts

Haley’s Donut quilt

wp-1471475960734.jpgI am so excited to be blogging this quilt . Its been inside my imagination for so long and to see my babies snuggling it on the couch now is AWESOME!! This pattern is called City Tiles by Emily Dennis. Have I mentioned on here that I am obsessed with her patterns? Everything that woman touches is gold. And her patterns make me want to drop what I’m doing and make them every single time. City tiles is a beautiful block and the original quilt looks nothing like mine. But Ever since I saw her circular block my brain saw only one thing…. Donuts. I love donuts. Like, a lot.  If it weren’t for random spurts of self-control I’d weigh 400lbs. ANNNYWAYSSSS…  within a few weeks of seeing this pattern, I found this fabric. Riley Blake novelty sprinkles…. it was fate. The donut quilt had to happen. wp-1471478023537.pngThese sprinkles have so much color in them! I don’t like brown one bit. But Chocolate? I’m on board! The solid tan I used for these is the Bella solid in Almond. It was a long hunt for that perfect shade and this was as close to my imagination as it was going to get. But let’s be honest. When I got this top together I was so disappointed! I didn’t like it one bit . In my mind it turned into one big brown and tan mess with vanilla donuts that got lost in the white. Let alone it is the least photogenic quilt I’ve ever made and it drives me bonkers.  I wasn’t even going to finish it.wp-1471475960036.jpg

Then my sweet friend brought it to my attention that good old reliable JoAnn had this donut flannel backing. It’s a tan mess of flannel that magically matched my tan mess of a donut quilt top. 5 yards for 20 bucks? Sure thing JoAnn. I guess this quilt will get a second chance.wp-1471475959554.jpgWhen it came time to long  arm it, I still didn’t love it so was willing to try a new pattern on it. I decided to give swirls a shot, in light pink thread. Both scary for this white thread meandering fool of a quilter. Swirls were so much fun to do! There may or may not be a few areas where I got nervous and accidentally quilted a few bums into it. But hey, it’s a donut quilt.

wp-1471478022878.pngIf there is anyone in this world that loves donuts as much as her mama, its this baby girl. Can ya tell?  She’s been carrying around the backing scraps from this one for days waiting for me to finish it. I decided nobody else would love it like she would so I made it hers. wp-1471478022877.png“Kelbie Jo, Love mama”

I bound it in more pink sprinkles and she has been snuggling her “donaa quill” ever since. Once I took this bad boy out of the wash for the first time and saw how much she loved it, I fell in love with this quilt again.  And now I can at least say I’ve made a donut quilt. There’s something about creating something completely original that makes me proud. My mom brain still works guys!!! Yay!!

Happy sewing everyone! Go make something you’ve never seen before!!!




2 thoughts on “Haley’s Donut quilt

  1. Haley,

    Okay this is the sweetest blog post. A few things I love about this quilt: the backing fabric (smile!), the way you quilted it (awesome!) and oh my word… that precious baby girl with the donut jammies (perfection!).


    Dori @redfeedsack

    P.S. I love donuts too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dori!! Quilting it was so scary! Ive never done that before but was so lucky it didnt end horribly. And isnt she the sweetest?! I lucked out getting to be her mama. She brings so much light into my life!


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