Completed Quilts

Patchwork Swoon

wp-1470503283098.jpgI’m still in the process of trying to get a good chunk of my finished quilts on the blog. So today I’m going to show off one of my favorite quilts ever. My patchwork Swoon.  Pattern is Patchwork Swoon by Thimbleblossoms. Fabric is Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille. And now I’m going to post a crazy amount of pictures because I love it so much.


This quilt makes me ridiculously happy. It was truly my first (and only) obsession with fabric that was out of print. I had one happy go lucky jelly roll, and was so afraid to use it. Will I ever find another? What if I suck it up and can’t fix it? I literally made my friend take the ribbon off of it. And it ended up fine.=) The hunt was on for yardage of this line to complete the rest of the quilt. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Instagram quilt community? All I had to do was put out an “ISO” ( in search of) post , and I had a dozen women get in touch with me willing to share their stash, and search their local quilt shops for it. I found just enough of this aqua check to complete the star background, but not quite enough to do the borders as well. I didn’t mind. And then there’s that AMAZING backing. How on earth I found 4 solid yards of it, at a discount? Oh right. One of my sweet friends on Instagram.  Quilters are the best people. I’m convinced of that.wp-1470503284359.jpg

The center of this star was something I knew exactly how I wanted it to be. I got a lot of feedback that it was quite busy, but I just couldn’t do it any other way! I couldn’t settle on just one color.. I had to do them all! Story of my life. Indecisive much?   I love this quilt. I love this line of fabric. Its random, and bold, and shouldn’t’ all work together but it does. Sounds like someone I know.
 I long armed it in a classic meander and it worked like a dream. wp-1470503284576.jpgI love a good quilt on legs picture =) Thanks hun!!

Happy Sunday everyone!


5 thoughts on “Patchwork Swoon

  1. Oh my word, I love this quilt. I would have to say it is my favorite of yours I’ve seen. Not surprising huh? 🙂 The fabric is to die for and all the awesome little patchwork. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now!

    – Dori @redfeedsack –

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  2. This is bold and fabulous!! Super fun! I’m actually interested in where you sourced the solids (or are they striped?) points of the inside star. I just got some HGL and am looking for matching solids. Are they Bonnie and Camille Basics? Or Moda solids? Do you happen to remember which ones they are? Thanks!

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  3. Thanks Haley! I think I’m going to make the new Patchwork Sky pattern with these fabrics. Just need to source some matching solids! 🙂


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