Completed Quilts

Pineapple Quilt

The other day someone asked me why on earth I made a pineapple quilt. Do I think they are delicious? Am I obsessed with them? Are they  my absolute favorite? The answer to their questions was simple. Have you not seen these pineapple quilts going around?! They are so dang cute!! How could I not!?!

wp-1467902012015.jpg This pattern is one that I came across from Jackie Padesky (@jackiepadeskyquilts Instagram). She gives this pattern for free guys!  These quilts are super trendy, and I’m not usually one for that, but I could not resist this quilt for one moment. Lots of quilters make them scrappy. I loved that idea, but was not about to sew these bad boys one square at a time. So I bought a Simply C0lorful jelly roll by Vanessa Christenson in green and yellow and decided to make strip sets instead. LIFESAVER GUYS!!! I highly recommend doing it that way instead of one square at a time. You can still make it scrappy with all sorts of yellow strips. I loved that these jelly rolls had plenty of diversity within this perfect shade of yellow.wp-1467902012983.jpg

As for background fabric, this seems to be where people get creative. Its amazing in solid white, white on whites, crossweave. I’ve really never seen one I didn’t love. But I wanted something different for mine. I am not kidding when I say that I lost sleep over what background fabric to use for these dang pineapples! When I found this Abacus fabric by Alison Glass it was love at first sight. I loved how random it was. I love black. It was a done deal. And it adds a touch of me to this quilt pattern.wp-1470087446058.jpg

I decided to  go with a black and white striped binding. Surprise surprise… I love it! I think it frames it so nicely and with a modern touch. And this backing? Why thank you JoAnns. Yes I will buy your coral and gold metallic pineapples at 50% off. Score!! I originally wanted cherries on the back because I LOVE pineapple upside down cake. But I couldn’t find one that I loved, and so JoAnn fixed my problem for me. This quilt is a favorite in our home, and one I love to show off. Go make one guys!wp-1470087145383.jpgwp-1470087145512.jpg

4 thoughts on “Pineapple Quilt

  1. Hi Haley! Okay, so I don’t think I would ever really think to make a pineapple quilt but I do love this one! Your choice of fabrics is awesome and that black polka dot is perfect for the background! It does look like the perfectly fun, comfy quilt! πŸ™‚

    – Dori @redfeedsack –

    P.S. I got a start on my mini-quilt wall and the one you made me is smack dab in the middle!!! It is the PERFECT quilt to have in the middle and I just so love it! Thank you again. xoxo


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