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No scrap left behind!!

Guys. Lets just talk about how expensive fabric is for a second k? Quilting probably isn’t the cheapest hobby out there in the world. We are all well aware of that. And some of our favorite quilt patterns tend to have so much waste to them! there is nothing that drives me crazy more than a huge pile of beautiful scraps, that I’ve paid top dollar for, going in the trash! But I also don’t need piles and piles of fabric confetti around my house just sitting there making a mess. So I decided to share with you today my top uses for my scraps!

First off, my general rule is anything bigger than 2 x 2 can be repurposed. If its smaller it gets chucked!

  1. Mini Quilts. There are so many patterns out there for adorable mini quilts that require tiny pieces (Thimbleblossoms mini dwell is coming to mind first!). Lots of people like to decorate their walls of their sewing rooms with mini quilts and have some amazing gallery walls!  I used the ends of a few Jelly roll strips to make this Adorn quilt also by Thimbleblossoms, and I’m so glad they were put to use! wp-1468957189511.jpg
  2. Stationary. With all the swaps I do, or packages I’ve sent off and received, I always send in there a card saying thank you for doing business with me. =)  I received a card in my first swap ever that had some tiny scraps sewn to the front of it, and I loved it! What a clever way to embellish a thank you note for a fellow sewer. I have a small bag of squares, or fussy cut prints just for this.wp-1468957966708.jpg
  3. Scrappy bindings! Who doesn’t love a good scrappy binding to finish a quilt off! If I have tails at the end of my bindings I always save them. I divide them by designer, or color and keep them in bags for when I am ready to use them. This is another great use for jelly roll strips that have no home.wp-1468956551408.jpg
  4. Paper Piecing. Lets be honest. I don’t do a ton of this right now but I plan to in the future. If you are doing hexi’s, diamonds, or anything EPP, it usually requires small pieces of fabric. I have a baggie specifically for squares that are large enough to be wrapped around a hexi form                    .wp-1467902011661.jpg
  5.  Patchwork! I know I sound crazy with all these baggies hanging around ( I have them in a box don’t worry), but one day I dream of having a huge patchwork quilt made up of 5 million 2.5 inch squares. I love the way they look, the character they hold, and how completely unique they are. Have you ever seen an I spy quilt? if not go look one up. They are so darling for kids and would be another excellent use for scraps with fussy cut shapes on them.  And how cute would a scrappy one of these bad boys be?! ( Patchwork Swoon by Thimbleblossoms)wp-1467902012188.jpg
  6. To Entertain small children! Ok this last one might sound silly but it’s actually the number 1 way my scraps get used! My sewing room is generally off-limits for my babies. I’m always paranoid I left something sharp out and will end up being too traumatized to ever sew again. But when I do go in there with my kids,  its to play on my design wall. And when I say design wall I mean a scrap piece of batting that is tacked to the wall. When I was growing up my mom had window cling shapes that we would play with, make houses, people, and act out stories on the glass doors in our house. I wanted to have the same thing for my girls minus the peanut butter fingerprints on my windows. So I have a box a that is full of fabric scraps of all different shapes and sizes that my girls will go play with on my design wall. They make all sorts of things and I love seeing their imaginations at work. Often my 3-year-old will take her pick of whats on the floor and add it to her box because, “It’s the perfect color!”  I can’t think of a better use than that!


Here’s to being resourceful on a Monday!! Happy Sewing everyone!



One thought on “No scrap left behind!!

  1. Hi Haley,

    I loved, loved, loved this post!!! I’ve been cleaning and sorting my scrap bins. And I said to my daughter, “The only reason I save half this clutter is because the girls love to play with it”! 🙂 But you know what? I don’t have a “design” wall. And I’m thinking my grand-girls need one! Thanks for that!

    My favorite is the scrappy binding. Oh how I love scrappy bindings!


    Dori @redfeedsack


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