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Giant Plus Quilt ++

wp-1468332774663.jpg I’m so excited to be sharing pictures of my giant Plus quilt I made for my master bedroom today!  I had been dreaming of having a quilt on my own bed that came from my own hands for so long. I wanted something that I knew I would love fooooreeeevvverrrr. In walks April Rhodes Arizona fabric. I was hooked. Navy, peach, mustard, mint? Aztec? I was a goner. This fabric has so much character. Plus quilts are a great option for fabrics that you really  want the pattern to shine. Also, this pattern is a wonderful option for beginner quilters! Anyone could tackle one of these. It doesn’t have to be this massive….wp-1468332775124.jpg                           I originally had planned  on cutting it all, and making it random. But it physically bothers my husbands brain when I do that…. I have no idea what’s wrong with him;) ! My brain loves a good random chaos quilt! So I told him to figure out a pattern….. Aint nobody got time for that! So he did.



I used 12 yards of fabric for this top! 3.5 yards of 120″ backing. 2 yards of solid navy for the binding. It finished at 118 by 110. It fits my King size bed like a glove.


Good news! Plus quilts are super simple. There are 2 sizes of blocks and that’s it! My squares are 6×6 and my rectangles are 6×17. 2 squares for every rectangle. Easy peasy.


However you want! If you’re a free spirit like me, go for random. If you need structure, go for a pattern! Lay it out, gather your rows Left to right, and sew it together row by row. MAKE SURE TO LABEL YOUR ROWS. I label mine top to bottom, as well as left to right( bottom left corner, row 1. left edge row 2 etc.) This pattern isn’t one you want to sew backwards. You want it to stay true to your layout!

It finishes at 118x 110 and I love every square inch of it.


QUICK TIP! When I am making quilts for beds that are seemingly square, I always long arm a star into one corner. No more fighting over which way  is up, or down, that corner goes in the same place every time! Aka, the corner by my head so I know if I’m right or not. 🙂

Happy Sewing!!



4 thoughts on “Giant Plus Quilt ++

  1. Haley, I love this quilt. Are you serious that your husband came up with the pattern??? My husband wouldn’t really like the randomness either, but I doubt he would draw up a pattern. However, being a retired Engineer that would be right up his alley! Ha!

    Anyway, I really love how totally perfect the fabric goes in this pattern. Do you have it all situated on your bed now and still love it as much? Did you make matching pillow shams or just throw pillows?

    It is perfection!

    – Dori @redfeedsack –


    1. I ordered some off amazon! I should have made some but I am lame! I know I was so excited he wanted to participate. He said its his bed too! Luckily he is colorblind so i can get away with any fabric I want!


  2. This is beautiful! I am just finishing up one for my king size bed and can’t wait! I made a fresh quilt by thimble blossoms and was probably way above my skill level😬 But I love it anyway! Seeing yours makes me wish mine was finished!

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