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Juki Love


One of the most frequent questions I’ve received lately is, ” I see you have a Juki! Do you love it?” The answer it absolutely YES!! Let’s chat about that for a second.

Mine waa a gift from my fairy quilt mother. Everyone needs one of those.

So from the perspective of someone who never shopped for a sewing machine, here’s what I love.  Not having to unthread my machine to wind my bobbin. The large table space. The variable speeds.  The massive amount of space you have to crap a rolled up quilt through. How ridiculously fast it goes! If you are looking for a machine that is specifically for quilting, and is a workhorse, this is your machine. I have heard lots of opinions on the variable speed because its cheaper without that. I’m sure if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t feel any sense of loss at all. But because I have the option , I use it alllll the time. I can slow it down and it reins me and my led foot in, for more accurate stitching. On the other hand, its the fastest machine I’ve ever sewn on and its ahhh-mazing. The ability to free motion quilt is awesome as well. Although I’m still working up the courage to try that out. Chain piecing is a DREAM on the juki. Life changing even.


What I don’t love? That I have to bust out my tiny machine just to do a zig zag stitch. Also the tension is a lot more complicated on the juki than I’m used too, but I’m slowly figuring it out…. I think. Its a bit more high maintenance than my normal sewing machine. It requires much more frequent oiling and cleaning.  And I care enough  about this one to actually follow through with it.  I also don’t love that after sewing on this, my old machine feels like a toy! That’s the pits.

If you’re on the fence, find a dealer that will let you try it before you buy it!  Now you have my  two cents to throw in the bucket. If you have any questions for me shoot me an email!  Happy Sewing!!


3 thoughts on “Juki Love

  1. I have been mulling this around and know this is my next machine. I just have to keep saving for it. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.


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